Making Memories with Party Clicks: A Guide to Your Next Event

Hey there, party planner extraordinaire! You’ve got the venue, the decorations, and a guest list longer than the credits of a Marvel movie. But, are you ready to add a sprinkle of digital magic to your shindig? Enter, Party Clicks, the tool that’s about to make your event go viral (in the good, non-flu kind of way). 🥳

Let’s break it down!

  1. Setting Up Those Handy QR Codes:

    The future called, and no, it’s not about flying cars. It’s about QR codes at parties. These nifty little squares allow your guests to dive right into the digital action.


    Strategically Position Them: Place them at entrances, on tables, or even in restroom stalls (because who doesn’t love multitasking?). The key is visibility.

    Customise: Give your QR a splash of your event’s theme. Pink for a bachelorette, gold for a 50th birthday, or polka dots for… well, just because.

  2. Let’s Get Snap-Happy:

    Encourage your guests to become the paparazzi of the event. No, not the type that hides in bushes. Just the fun kind that captures the moment!


    Share the “Why”: Educate your guests! A quick announcement or a sign explaining the QR code will do the trick. “Click, upload, and watch your pic on the big screen!”

    Props & Photo Booths: You know what makes photos funnier? Giant glasses and feather boas. Set up a photo booth corner and watch the uploads flow.

  3. Big Screen, Big Dreams:

    If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing your face on a giant screen, now’s your chance! Photos uploaded go straight to a slideshow everyone can see.

    Setting it up:

    Positioning: Ensure that your screen is in a spot where everyone can see it. Above the dance floor or beside the buffet (because, let’s be real, that’s where everyone ends up).

    Wi-Fi: It’s all fun and games until someone loses a connection. Make sure your venue’s Wi-Fi is up to the task.

  4. Let’s Get Chatty – Comment & Emoji Fun:

    Your aunt’s reaction to your cousin’s dance moves? Priceless. Let guests comment, reply, and sprinkle some emoji love on photos and videos.

    A quick etiquette reminder: Let’s keep comments light-hearted and fun. It’s a party, not a roast!

  5. After the Party is the After-Party:

    Once the confetti has settled and your feet ache from dancing, guess what? The fun isn’t over. Party Clicks will keep the memories alive, allowing everyone to revisit and relive those epic moments.


So, as you slide into those dancing shoes and adjust your party hat, remember: Party Clicks is here to amp up the fun. Prepare to have your mind blown, your sides split, and your event immortalized in digital glory. Cheers to making memories… one click at a time! 🍾📸🎉