The simplest way for guests to share photos & videos of your event

How it works

Create an event

Once you have signed up for an account & selected a package which best suits your event, simply enter your event name, start date and upload a banner image to create an event. It literally takes 2 minutes to get up and running.

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Share your QR code

Each event is assigned a unique QR code and link for you to share with your guests.

The QR code and link is used by guests to quickly and simply share their photos and videos of your event with you and can be incorporated into flyers, posters and table cards or simply emailed to your guests or shared in a Whats App group.

The QR code and link will become active two weeks before the event start date allowing you and your guests to include preparation photos and will remain active for three months after your event allowing guests to upload further media once they have got home and recovered!

All photos, videos and messages will be available for download within the three month retention period.

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Guests share photos & videos of the event

During the event, guests simply have to scan the QR code or access the unique link to upload their photos and videos, sign the guestbook and view / comment on media uploaded by other guests.

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During your event, why not show off photos, videos and messages from your guests on a live photo wall?

All packages come with a link to display an automated photowall / slideshow of media uploaded by your guests.

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